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Virt-UKE-al Workshops

Below are some workshops from Phil Doleman and Josh Asker! You  can watch and learn with the two of them before the main Virt-UKE-al Uke-a-Bay video, so you can play along with your favourite acts.

Phil Doleman

Phil has traveled all over the UK and to Ireland, France, Germany, Finland and the US performing and leading workshops at festivals, theatres, and clubs. He has appeared on over 20 albums (and a number 2 hit single), performed on BBC radio and TV, taught over 1500 ukulele players, and shared stages with some of the world’s finest players. He is a regular contributor Uke Magazine, has composed pieces for the London College of Music ukulele grade syllabus, and is the author of the book “How Music Works On The Ukulele”

Josh Asker

Josh is a ukulele teacher from North Wales. He has been a part of Uke-a-Bay for years perfomring both in Woteva and solo. Last year Josh held a very successful workshop, so we thought we'd invite him back this year! This workshop covers a few techniques to help beginner performers explore some new styles of playing.

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